How to use Legal Translation Service

Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law.
The legal system and language referred to in the source text will be structured in a manner appropriate to the culture in question. As a result, it is important that someone who is familiar with this legal system and its language reads the target text. Whenever you require professional legal translation, we are able to offer you high quality service, on time and within your budget. The importance of accuracy in any legal translation is absolutely essential and we are experienced in single or multiple language translation projects and can handle large volumes of work very rapidly.
Typical legal translations
• Business agreements and contracts
• Employment contracts and agreements
• Legal analyses and opinions
• Bills and legislation
• Contract documents
• Litigation documents
• Transactional documents
• Intellectual property documents
• Patent applications

The Mother Tongue Principle
The Mother Tongue Principle, also known as the Native Speaker Principle, is one of the corner stones of legal translation and is a very important consideration when employing translators for your content. The principle states that a linguist translates their native language. An English native speaker translates content into English, a German native speaker translates content into German, etc. A native speaker of a language is a person who was born, grew up and obtained his or her education in a country where the target language is the official language.

Absolute Confidentiality
Strictly confidential handling of all customer data and documents. Our specialists are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements.

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